Imagine this. The two of you are walking at waters edge on a lovely Hawaii beach. The sun is dropping as sunset approaches and the trade winds pick up. These moments have been your dreams and those dreams are now reality…

There is photography and there is quality photography. Family snaps may be served well by the friend or relative with the camera, but is it wise to put the burden and responsibility of capturing such an important time as your wedding to the friend? Put your trust in the hands of experienced photographers who know the ins and outs of locations, different lighting challenges, the timing and numerous other issues that confront everyone, but can become a problem for those who are unfamiliar with the situation.

Experienced. Over the past twenty years, Scott and Teruko have photographed well over a twelve hundred weddings, most at resorts and private estates on Maui, Lanai, Big Island and Kauai, plus many intimate ceremonies on Hawaii’s beautiful beaches.

Our work is clean, crisp yet soft when it counts… it is honest and real. You are already beautiful, we simply capture the beauty of the moment.