Q. Why should we select Hughes PhotoGraphics over the others as our Maui wedding photographers?

A. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your lives, you are putting a lot of time and resources into your event and traveling all the way to Hawaii. You deserve stunning images and should expect an experience available only from knowledgeable and skilled professionals. Whether you are planning a simple ceremony with just the two of you on the beach or an event at a private estate or a resort with a 150 guests, we will get MANY amazing images!

Q. Who are the photographers that will be photographing my wedding? Will we meet them before the day?

A. Hughes PhotoGraphics consists of Scott and Teruko. Our ABOUT page gives more info. Scott will be your primary photographer and Teruko joins in as your second photographer for events other than the most brief coverage levels. Teruko and Scott made all of the photography on this site.

Although not necessary, a brief sit down to go over details, last minute ideas and changes prior to your wedding is a great idea if possible. We are located on the south side of Maui, two blocks from the wedding license agent.

Q. How many pictures will you take of our wedding?

A. The number of photos will vary depending on many variables including the duration of your event. If you select the suitable level of photography, you can be assured that coverage of your wedding will be appropriate. None of our past clients have mentioned that an insufficient number of photos were made. Call us to discuss the details, but we always show hundreds and hundreds of quality and different images. We do not hold back when photographing an event.

Q. Quality photography is very important to us. What is your suggestion in regards to the best time of the day for photography?

A. The lighting we experience late in the day is the most desirable. A midday wedding is not going to offer as many options for excellent results. Almost all of the images on our website were made during the hour prior to sunset.

Q. What happens if your camera breaks?

A. We are strong believers in no surprises and to ensure that from happening, we bring multiple camera bodies and other crucial tools. The assignment is to capture all aspects of your wedding day, which can be a problem if your photographer show up with only only camera body and it goes down. More here.

Q. How soon after the wedding can we see our photography?

A. Within a day or two your photography will be edited and ready to be viewed online at a private website.

Q. What sort of equipment do you use when photographing a wedding?

A. We use the pro line of camera bodies from Canon, the 1-Series of Canon DSLRs, specifically, the 1Dx MkII, 1Dx, 1D MkIII and others as needed. Our fast L-lenses help us make lovely images!

Q. Will our photos be retouched?

A. All printed images, either those which become part of your Photo Book or display prints are retouched and enhanced to the same high level as our Gallery Portraits. We prepare every print image as if it was to become part of our portfolio.

Q. Do you include the photos on a disc or thumb drive?

A. The high resolution files are available with all of our coverage levels.

Q. What if you are sick and are unable to cover our wedding??

A. We have great luck and health as both of us rarely become ill. In the off chance that an illness did sneak in, we have relationships with other great photographers in case something goes wrong. We have filled in for others on a number of occasions over our years on Maui.

Q. This is our first trip to Hawaii and are hoping that you could recommend a nice beach or location for our wedding ceremony.

A. Sure. We are familiar with most of the great beach locations on Maui and Big Island and are willing to share our thoughts with you. Give us a call.

Q. You have mentioned ‘Photo Book’, what exactly is a Photo Book?

A. A Photo Book, often called a ‘coffee table book’, is the more popular method of grouping together a set of images from an event. This method of presentation replaced the ‘wedding album’ of years past.

Your Photo Book will feature the images you select. Our graphic artist blends the images into a magazine style layout which is printed on real photo paper, bound with a leather wrapped cover. As a Photo Book is opened, it lays flat without a seam or ‘valley’ in the center.

A number of sizes are available, with the 8×10 Photo Book being very popular. When open, this book size displays two-page spreads that measure an impressive sixteen inches in width and ten inches in height.

Q. We are interested. What is next?

A. Give Scott a call so that we can discuss your ideas and desires!   – 808.879.2879